Sunflower seeds

The Sun was honoured practically by all cultures of different historical epochs. The sunflower and its inflorescence has always been the symbol of the Sun-God. Probably, that is why sunflower seeds are both tasty and healthful, and are the means of “meditation”: it is impossible to do away with them until you eat them all.

Far Islands Company offers only select stuff of the most tasty and popular cultivars. Due to a special frying method sunflower seeds acquire a unique flavour of a home-made product, as if they have just been emptied out of the pan.

Sunflower seeds are among the most healthful products. First of all, sunflower seeds provide a human organism with polyunsaturated fatty acids and with the components such as fat-soluble vitamins, phospholipids, and sterols, so useful for preservation of health and young look.

Sunflower seeds are the source of vitamins that make beneficial effect on one’s skin, hair, and nails; they regulate acid-base equilibrium. Sunflower seeds are the excellent cardiovascular diseases prophylactic agent; they cure hepatic diseases and diseases of bile passages. Sunflower seeds are rich in protein which supplies essential amino acids to our organism. That is why such product is ideal for those who, by whatever reason, restrict themselves of meat consumption.

Large select sunflower seeds represent a dainty for your soul and health.