Pistachio nuts

Pistachio nuts is an extraordinary product which comfortably combines excellent flavour and health benefit.

Pistachio nuts are the most low-calorie nuts: nothing but 100 Kcal in 30 nuts. Cracking them, you should not worry about excessive weight. Fat content in pistachio nuts is incomparably low, 13 g per one portion (87% of them are unsaturated fats). For comparison: one portion of hazelnuts contains 17 g of fat, one portion of walnuts contains 18 g of fat.

Pistachio nuts both preserve your normal weight and effectively control already accumulated excessive kilograms. The point is that human organism does not fully assimilate calories contained in such nuts, their greater part remains unassimilated. It means that even the calorie content indicated on the product pack may be easily divided by two or three.

Pistachio nuts are valuable, as eating thereof is slowed down due to necessity to remove its shell. So, you are satisfied with the lesser quantity.

More than other nuts, pistachio nuts are rich in cellular tissue: a portion of such nuts will provide 12% of the daily intake of edible cellular tissue. Quite a lot was said about the use of cellular tissue: it regulates the blood sugar level, lowers the cholesterol level, and is an efficient prophylactic agent against certain kinds of cancer.

Pistachio nuts mean more than 30 different phytogenous vitamins, minerals, and nutritive materials. This product contains useful substances such as phosphorus, copper, manganese. Pistachio nuts are notable for the highest content of thiamine, vitamin B-6, beta-carotene, and lutein – zeaxanthin.

Far Islands Company offers selected pistachio nuts packed by 40 g, 80 g, and 150 g.