Miso soup

With tofu cheese
With fried tofu cheese
With onion

Miso soup is a new unusual product for this country. Knowing it will both give you pleasure and improves your health. The folk wisdom, that appeared in the XV century in Japan, said: Pay money not to the doctor but to the shop that sells miso. It was recommended to eat such soup in the morning and evening so that to have good health and well-being.

Miso is a fermented paste of beans, which has become an integral part of the Japaneese cooking (together with rice). Such paste is cooked of boiled mashed soya beans, with some salt and malt added.

Miso paste is rich in healthful substances: proteins, lecithin, glutamic acid, vitamins of B group, and a number of microorganisms that help human organism to assimilate food and normalizes bowels’ function. Added in miso soup, soya destroys toxins, and malt prevents from embolism. This dish is the best one to be offered for normalization of the entire gastrointestinal tract. That is why, as nothing else, it is good for people who suffer from stomach disorders, as well as during the spring and autumn exacerbation periods. As a rule, miso soup is cooked with vegetables, due to which it is enriched with vitamin C, carotene and cellular tissue.

Cooking miso soup takes a few minutes. It goes well together with both traditional rice and bread.

“Far Isles” miso soup is produced in packs (58.5 g in 10 separate sachets) in three different flavours: with tofu cheese, with fried tofu cheese, with onion. Such soup may be stored for 18 months, without loss of its gustatory qualities.

Miso soup is a tasty and healthful product, simple to cook and delicious.