Dried eel

Storage conditions:
Under temperature from -15 to +25 °C, and humidity up to 28%.

Shelf life: 12 months.

Net mass: 30 g, 18 g.

Nutritive value per 100 g of product:
protein 57,9 g; carbohydrates 3 g; fats 2 g.

Caloric value: 175 Kcal

Composition: fish, salt.

Eel is an excellent fish; it resembles a snake at first site. A long acne’s body is almost absolutely cylindrical, only its tail is somewhat flattened on each side, even more so closer to its end.

Glassy eel, when in the fresh water, changes its colour for the yellow. In 10 years, at the age of sexual maturity, eel changes its colour again: its back becomes bright black, its abdomen is light. Then again eel migrates to the see and disappears forever from the coastal area. This is the time when eel’s gustatory qualities are at apogee. Our product is manufactured of such specimens, which fact makes it special and different from similar products available in the Russian market.

Eel comes into the market fresh, smoked, or dried, and is considered dainty irrespective of method of cooking. Eel is a tasty wholesome food. Comacio lagoon dwellers, whose mail food is eel, are notable for their strong constitution and good health.

Silver-abdominal eel is the most tasty; dried and smoked eel is the most digestible. Once you pop, the fun doesn't stop! – such saying correctly defined flavour of the proposed products.

Bon appetit!