White croaker

Storage conditions:
Under temperature from -15 to +25 °C.

Shelf life: 12 months.

Net mass: 18 g, 30 g, 80 g.

Nutritive value per 100 g of product:
protein 40 g; carbohydrates 1 g; fats 16,9 g.

Caloric value: 336 Kcal

Composition: fish, salt.

White croaker is a small fish from the perch family. This is the most savoury marine dainty. Such fish is packed with bones and skin, though scaled. To eat it, just split it in two along its spine and skin it. One pack contains 5 or 6 dried fishes, so this is an ideal pack for one person.

Such fish is cooked by a special recipe, by means of processing with mixture of certain spices that give the fish its gentle piquant flavour. It is ideal for those who like fat fish breeds.

This product, unique in the Russian market, has been appreciated by many connoisseurs of fish delicacies. Far Isles registered trade mark.

Bon appetit!