Salted and dried anchovy

Storage conditions:
Under temperature from -15 to +25 °C.

Shelf life: 12 months.

Net mass: 18 g, 40 g, 70 g, 100 g.

Nutritive value per 100 g of product:
protein 57,4 g; carbohydrates 0,1 g; fats 3,1 g.

Caloric value: 258 Kcal

Composition: fish, salt.

Salted and dried anchovy is the smallest fish in the dried seafood line. In spite of its small size, it is in great favour. Unknown earlier, exotic flavour of this marine dainty has been casted over us from the West in spite of the fact that it is fished out in the Andaman Sea near Thailand coast. This is one of the few fish dainties which may and must be eaten whole, together with the bones: it is very healthful for osseous tissue of women, elderly people, as well as children and juveniles. Such fish is notable for its savour and high content of protein. Anchovy, no matter how it has been cooked, is extremely healthful and recommended for men’s health. Combine the useful with the pleasing!

Thoroughly selected by its size, anchovy is beheaded and eviscerated. Our anchovy has a classic flavour and excellent quality. You will get pleasure from eating it. Small salted and dried fishes are unobtrusive like sunflower seeds; they will carry off your time as a snack in the noonday, or in the evening when watching TV. This dried seafood is much sought after by women and young people. It contains much calcium and other microelements so required by our organism.

The secret of salted and dried anchovy’s savour is hidden in its size. The smaller the fish, the more delicate and exquisite its flavour. Only the youngest species of the smallest size are used for our product.

Bon appetit!