Apple chips

With cinnamon
With wild berries
With lemon
With vanilla

Apples are one of the most useful products. Also the crisp kind of this fruit has appeared to delight of apple-lovers. Meet apple chips – a natural product which, though fatless, preserves all vitamins and useful qualities of apples, their natural sweet slightly sour flavour.

Apple chips are new for the national market. Its production has become possible due to innovation production process – cold air drying. Due to such processing, all useful matters are preserved in an apple. There is quite a number of them in such fruits: glucose, fructose, cellular tissue, malic acid, pectin, iron. Apples contain a great deal of vitamin C that develops immunity and helps human organism to fight against infections. Pectin plays an important part in regulation of bowels function, it destroys microbes and contributes to excretion of metals and toxins. Potassium and iron contribute to correct function of a human organism, normalize metabolism. Fructose and glucose stir up thought process, improve functioning of the digestive apparatus. Iodine is required for a normal thyroid gland function, and iron is responsible for standard fibrillation.

It is of importance, that apple chips are the source of natural, rather than synthesized, vitamins, which fact accounts for soft and efficient impact on one’s organism (in contrast to “from pills” vitamins, major portion of which is not assimilated).

At the same time, apple chips contain no harmful substances, i.e. cholesterol and carcinogens, as they are not exposed to frying and, hence, fats are not used.

In the opinion of dietitians, apple chips suppress appetite and strengthen health. Its packing excellently preserves all useful product characteristics.

Apple chips calorie content is low: 200-250 Kcal per 100g. That is why such chips are ideal for people who wish to get their excessive weight down. Apple chips are good to take out, to school or office. They take no space in your bag, and will excellently still your hunger. They may be used as an ingredient for certain dishes, for example, may be added to any porridge or milk for breakfast.

Far Isles Company offers different chips flavours: apple (72 pieces in the 22 g pack), with cinnamon (72 pieces in the 22 g pack), with lemon (54 pieces in the 32 g pack), with flavour of wild berries (40 pieces in the 43 g pack), with vanilla (24 pieces in the 80 g pack). Shelf life is 16 months.

Apple chips is a tasty and healthful product (100% fruits) containing no fat, artificial dye-stuff, preservation agents, sugar and genetically modified objects.